About Reel Dynamite

Some call it "Peak T.V."

Others call it the "Golden Age of Television."

We're not sure what to call it. But there is one thing we do know: there is an avalanche of high-quality entertainment hitting T.V. screens these days. And that's a great thing.

But with so many movies launching every day, and a new streaming service launching almost every week, the options can be overwhelming. Sorting through all of these services to find the perfect film to watch is a frustrating, time-consuming task. That's why we created Reel Dynamite.

Reel Dynamite is a clutter-free, truly independent spot for outstanding movie recommendations. We sort through all of the new movies, forgotten classics, indie darlings, and even big-budget blockbusters to find you something great to watch every week. Simply put: if it's dynamite, I'll pass it along.

So get your popcorn ready. We've got some great movies to suggest. Bookmark us and make us a regular habit. Or better yet, sign up for the Reel Dynamite newsletter to get great movie recommendations direct to your inbox.

Happy watching,

The Reel Dynamite Team