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Kim's Video, Charlie Kaufman, The Painter and the Thief, FC Kahuna, Yoko Ogawa

Happy Friday.

The New York Times has a great article about the Return of Kim's Video. Long live the freaky, film nerd video store.

This week I recommend the underappreciated documentary The Painter and the Thief. I am starting to come to the conclusion that art plus crime equals interesting. We'll talk a bit more about this down the road.

Ear Candy
Machine Says Yes by FC Kahuna. Hypnotic. Funky. This groove must have been sent from the future to implore humans to dance more. Don't fight it!

For Your Mindgrapes
The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa is a treasure. Initially written in 1994 and finally translated into English in 2019, this sci-fi novel is a dystopian classic. Charlie Kaufman is reportedly adapting it into a screenplay, and the Handmaid Tale's Reed Morano is attached to direct.

Enjoy the weekend, and we'll see you next week.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

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